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By Tony Mobily
Monday, January 17, 2011 - 17:56

Projects can now be "on hold" -- what does it mean?

Hello friends! It's now possible, in Apollo, to place a project "on hold". A project on hold is still accessible to your users. However, the project's feed will not be updated; plus, upcoming tasks and milestones will not show up in the overview, in the "my tasks" area and in the calendar. Basically, the project will stay "silent".

Keep in mind that a project "on hold" is still considered active. This means that it will count towards your project quota for your plan (whereas archived projects don't).

When is it a good time to put a project "on hold"? Sometimes, you still want to be able to access and even modify your projects. However, since nothing is happening on it, you don't want it to clutter your calendar and your overviews. This is when the "on hold" status comes handy: the project will be "mute".

Many thanks to Brian Purkiss @ and to Steven Hambleton for proposing this.