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By Andrea Di Clemente
Monday, October 28, 2013 - 20:02

A few enhancements suggested by users

Hi friends!

Today we're introducing a few new tweaks that some users have been requesting us lately:

  • now Apollo displays the original due date for completed milestones also in the milestone list. No need to do the extra click to open the specific milestone page to see it

Milestone original due date

  • when you add an important date on a Contact, and request that a task is created when the date is approaching, you'll see a bell icon next to the date. A tooltip message will also show the name of the user the task will be assigned to

  • two more fields were added to the csv export of time entries: a field with the name of the relevant Contact, and one with the project category, asked by those of you who process time entries with a spreadsheet application

  • when clicking on a notification email about a comment, the comment gets displayed in a better position than before, and there's a also a double highlighting effect to make it easier to spot it on bigger screens where lots of comments can fit at once.

We always aim at providing you with more customization options to improve Apollo and make it better suited to your needs, so if you have any suggestions please let your voice be heard. Send your requests to and we'll keep them in mind for our future releases.