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By Andrea Di Clemente
Sunday, August 22, 2010 - 17:29
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Tags on contacts: why are they so crucial?

I wrote earlier that we started using Apollo to develop Apollo. That step was really quite huge. On one hand, it told us that Apollo was finally a _product_ -- something useful to anybody, including us.

We have just about finished developing tags, and we are loving it already. As Apollo users, tags are making our lives much easier.

Here is what tags look like:

So, why using tags? Imagine having a few dozen contacts. That's not many, but it's enough to get slightly lost in the contact list without a decent "search". That's fine: you can find the people you need easily -- as long as you know their names.

Imagine then that you would like to add a database of every pub you get in touch with, for marketing purposes. Without tags, you would simply add them in... and they would join the big cauldron of contacts available to your workspace's internal users.

What if you want to pull out every pub in your contact list? Without tags, you can't.

So, in a way tags are somehow "dynamic categories". They are a little "sticky note" -- or... well, "tag" -- attached to a contact.

Tagging is definitely under-rated. Once you start using them, they tend to become an essential tool to manage your contacts and your projects. Give it a go and let us know what you think!

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