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By Tony Mobily
Tuesday, April 5, 2011 - 17:25
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Our first newsletter went out: the Murphy's chronicles

Yesterday, we sent our first newsletter. It was a pretty important moment too! Thousands of people were going to receive it, and we really did our best to get it 100% right.

If I wanted to say that "100%" confidently, I would also need to make several announcement. So, here we go.

The first one is that we invented the time machine! Yes, that's right: when we wrote that we released Apollo initially in July 2011, we obviously meant it -- it wasn't a typo. We will also released the first version of our Apollo Time Machine, which we had ready in 2014 -- but decided to go back in time and release early. So, you will see it soon.

We will also rename into The main reason is that the "HQ" in can stand for too many things -- like "headquarters", "High Quality", and so on. However, in, that "GQ" can only mean one thing: ******* (censored by editors, we will release the new name soon!).

Finally, the Launchpad -- which was there to recover your password -- worked 100% fine. We were very proud of it, and did do extensive testing. There was a very edge case where, under extreme load, it gave an error. However, only the vast minority of users experienced that -- only 99.8% of our users were part of that edge case!

As you can tell, our first newsletter was a huge success with absolutely no mistake what so ever.

If you read up to this point: yes, Apollo was released in July 2010. Yes, we got the link wrong. And yes, the Launchpad was down for a short time. The bright side, is that we had a few hundreds people reporting these errors, and we engaged with all of them, one by one, like we always do. And it was fun In this Murphy-stained newsletter adventure, there was at least one bright side.

So... thank you. I hope you enjoyed the newsletter!

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Hans Kok's picture

Hans Kok

Tue, 04/05/2011 - 17:52


Hi Tony,

We did, now the next steps :-).

Great to see all those things happening, keep up the good work.