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By Tony Mobily
Tuesday, September 13, 2011 - 01:22

New features: default language, disable keep me logged in, inline view, lightbox cache

Hi there,

In my previous blog entry I started listing the new features that made it into Apollo since we came back from our summer break. I also asked you to spot the ones I hadn't listed. I am sure a lot of people simply cheated by looking at Apollo's changelog. For the ones who didn't cheat... here we go!

First of all, we added a couple of important workspace settings.

It's now possible to set a default language for your workspace:

This feature is important: Apollo is finally available in several languages (especially thanks to our great translators' application). So, our users are expecting to invite users and present them with a workspace that speaks the right language. This option makes this possible.

There is also another workspace setting (restricted to the account owner), this time aimed at security: the option of disabling the "keep me logged in" feature for every user. While logging in can be seen a as pretty annoying nuisance, there is the issue of security: this option will give security-conscious people some peace of mind.

There are also tho more features that somehow cover how Apollo treats file attachments within the workspace. The first one is a new option next to each attachment, that allows you to open up a file within your browser:

We were reluctant to release this feature, because different browsers have different capabilities: for example, Chrome will display PDFs neatly inline in a new tab, whereas other browsers will simply ask you to download the file and display an empty tab. This is not something we can predict nor detect -- the link is there, and it's up to the users to click on it!

The other improvement is in the way Apollo handles file attachments in the lightbox. Before now, when images were shown in the lightbox, Apollo had to download the whole file -- and then show a smaller version of it. This had some unwanted side effects: for slow connections, the download could indeed slow the whole line down, only to see an image preview. This is now changed: Apollo now stores smaller versions of every image file that is downloaded; this means that the lightbox will be indeed light and responsive.

That's all for now -- till next time!