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By Andrea Di Clemente
Monday, February 4, 2013 - 13:12

Hide the tasks mess from your Apollo calendar

Hello friends,

for those of you that really love to put deadlines on all tasks, we added a show/hide switch on the calendar list menu.

This is especially useful in the cases where the account owner set Apollo’s general task visibilty rule so that users see, in their My Tasks and Calendar sections, also the tasks assigned to the company and/or to anybody.

As you all know, we plot tasks and milestones deadlines in the Calendar screen, in the upper area where also all-day events are drawn.

The calendar list menu in the top right corner of the calendar screen already let you focus only on the calendars you wanted to see, but the deadlines from tasks and milestones always remained on screen.

If you are one of those people on a busy workspace with many projects and loads of task deadlines, you can now rejoy: the calendar widget has now also a ‘Task and milestones’ show/hide switch.