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By Tony Mobily
Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - 09:14

Various improvements: writeboard notifications, API and search improvements

Apollo is becoming more and more mature; a program's maturity is measured by its stability and its features. However, as the say, the devil is in the detail: there are several small -- and important -- features which slowly make it into a program; the small details that make it really good. Here are some small features that made it into Apollo in the last few weeks:

Better notifications for writeboards

When a user changes a writeboards, and gets others to be notified of the changes, the recipients will only receive a list of differences rather than the whole writeboard all over again.

This is possible thanks to the fact that writeboards are in Markdown format.

Better API

The API is still in beta. This means that while they do work, we can make small (documented) changes along the way. As it turns out, we got the API pretty much 100% fine. We have recently added two calls:

  • It's now possible to merge two contacts
  • There is now a call to create personal tasks

Better search for projects

The search field for projects will now search more fields (including the project names, which were missing)