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By Tony Mobily
Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 15:11
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UZoom media improves their management, and secures new clients thanks to Apollo

UZoom Media is an internet marketing agency working on all aspects of promoting businesses online. UZoom has several sales people, web designers, writers, implementation specialists, and graphic artists.

Anne Craft writes about their work, and their life before Apollo:

"When building a website, for instance, there are many different types of information that we need in order to get started. FTP information, hosting information, logos, branding colors, keywords, pictures, website copy, etc. Once we get a set of information, that needs to be passed on to either a writer, graphic designer, web designer, etc. Everyone needs to be able to know where we are in the process."

"Before we had Apollo, this process was all done through email and checklists. We were constantly searching for emails that had been deleted and we thought we didn't need anymore. In addition, we had to log into a separate CRM, or ask each other for contact information for clients that weren't in our system."

UZoom media's process changed significantly after signing up:

"Using Apollo has made our company so much more efficient. I know it was also one of the deciding factors for a new client to use UZoom. They were previously contracted with a web developer that was a freelancer. He became non-responsive, and they could not do anything with their website. When we walked in with our team and explained our process, which now includes client access to their project in Apollo, they were completely impressed with our professionalism and contracted with our firm. They embraced the communication afforded through Apollo, and even referred us to another potential client before their site had been completed."

People in the company, says Anne, are enthusiastic about it:

"Our staff loves it, our clients love it, and as the CEO of the company, I especially love it. It has helped take our company to the next level."

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Wed, 10/10/2012 - 01:02


Do you have any case studies of users who are NOT in the web development or IT / programming fields? It seems that most web-based project management applications only focus on this limited range of users (being pretty much designed by the developer for their own use), and so do not translate well into other project management scenarios.
37Signals' recent changes to Basecamp is a prime example of this, in that it is marketed as an improvement, yet to all except those involved in exactly the same industry as 37Signals (i.e. web development) it is in fact a downgrade!
37Signals continued drift towards self-centred vanity projects, and studied ignorance of all but their own requirements have resulted in our organisation looking to drop Basecamp. We're seeking a better option, however apart from all the systems aping 37Signals (in terms of paradigm and geek-worker focus), we can find no-one who is addressing our needs! There is an opportunity for someone to move out from behind their screen and look at the wider world of project management!