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By Tony Mobily
Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 14:25

Improved search on contacts (now by field)

When you deal with a lot of information, searching is indispensable. We have recently improved searching within projects, and decided to improve the search in the CRM side of Apollo.

This led to a considerable rewrite of the search abilities of Apollo's CRM, which now allows you to select which fields you will search into:

You can select amongst Name, Last name, Company, City, State and so on. This means for example that you can find out exactly which contacts live in a particular city of state, or which contacts work for a specific company.

The search function is very powerful: you can actually combine search conditions as much as you like. For example you can filter contacts where the name is "Andrea" and the city is "New York" (the search will return all contacts called Andrea in New York). You can also set more than one value for a specific field time: for example, you can decide both "Tony" and "Andrea" for the name, and "New York" as the city. In this case, the search will return all contacts where the name is either "Tony" or "Andrea", and the city is "New York".