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By Andrea Di Clemente
Thursday, July 12, 2012 - 10:11

Drag and drop file upload in Apollo

When we released Apollo, we didn't really know how many files our users would upload (having a completely oversized hard drive ended up being a really good idea!). As it turned out, file attachments were (and are) a huge part of many Apollo workspaces.

This is why we felt it was important to improve the uploader so that:

  • It wasn't "blocking": this means that you had to be able to write your message while uploading your file

  • It worked with drag&drop: Google does it, modern applications do it, and users are expecting it more and more

So, we updated the file uploader in order to cover all of this ground:

With this update, you can drag a file from your computer over any form in Apollo that takes file attachments: the file will begin to upload, and you will be able to write your message at the same time.