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By Tony Mobily
Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - 11:57

Auto-saving of drafts in Apollo

In web applications, we all have a bit of a fear of losing our current window in the middle of writing a long text. A browser window can be lost for a number of reasons (the dreaded "back" button, a lost connection, or simply the wrong keyboard or mouse stroke that gets the current window out of the picture). If you close your current window, you are very likely to loose what you wrote, be it a comment, an article, or an Ebay item description (as it happened to my wife not long ago).

Apollo has now implemented a feature that will be very welcomed by everybody who has this (justified) fear: auto-save of comment drafts.

This feature will save edited text areas in the browser's local storage every few seconds, and will bring up whatever you wrote back up when you open it again after an accidental close. It works for messages, writeboards, notes, and comments across the application.

There is no interface for this: it will just "happen". To see it, write something in a comment form, close your browser, and open the same form again!