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By Andrea Di Clemente
Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 23:30

My Tasks in Apollo: more filtering options

Hello friends,

When you create a program, you expect some parts of it to be very popular and wildly used by your users. Then you release it, and... discover that some sections were just not as important as you thought they would be, while some others become absolutely critical.

My Tasks in Apollo is one of those sections: in the initial drawings, it was meant to be just a list of personal tasks. As design went on, it was obvious that it was more important than originally thought as it should obviously display personal and company tasks as well. When Apollo went live, My Tasks proved to be "the" spot where a lot of our users literally lived!

So, to make the long story short: we have recently improved My Tasks quite dramatically. You can now slice and dice tasks in a more flexible way, or filter out the noise and only concentrate on what matters.

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